Selim Khan to Shakib: What kind of superstar is he?

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Selim Khan, the head of Shapla Media, a film production company, announced the production of 100 movies a few months ago. The announcement caused a commotion in the film. Some welcome, some comment. Actor Shakib Khan was among those who cut this comment. He then said that there is no need for 100 movies without a low budget. A good budget is enough for the movie industry. Selim Khan did not reply to his words then. However, two days ago, Selim Khan told reporters on the set of Priya Ray movies under construction from his company that superstar Shakib Khan had said that there was no need to make 100 movies. One good movie is enough. My question to the gentleman is, he makes good movies. But the movie he is currently shooting in Tangail or Pubail, his budget is only 60 lakh rupees. If he is a superstar, then why is he doing a movie with a budget of 60 lakh rupees? He is a superstar, why is he doing a government grant movie? So, what kind of superstar is he? Accusing Shakib of several allegations, he said, “He wants the film industry created by Bangabandhu to be shut down. Bangabandhu went through this film industry for only 1 taka. The directors, artists, technicians of that industry are all working here. In the meantime, my organization has censored 5 movies. I have started 22 movies together. Work on other movies will also continue in phases. We are all working together. FDC’s crew, technicians are working. They are being employed. It may not be like Shakib Khan. He wants her to work in the industry alone. Note that in 2017, when Shakib Khan was at the height of criticism for various reasons, he was boycotted by the film family consisting of 18 organizations, then Shapla Media stood by him. He made the movie ‘I will be a leader with him.

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