That’s why Nasir folded his hands and apologized


Nasir Hossain has garnered a lot of criticism by marrying a Bimanbala named Tamima Tammi. And it is still ongoing. He apologized to the journalists for avoiding the issue during the National Cricket League’s (NCL) fitness test.

Nasir recently came to Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla to take a fitness test for the NCL. Ignoring the questions of the journalists, he said, ‘Your subject is one’. After that, he was found again in Mirpur. He did not speak to reporters during the trip. He folded his hands from a distance and apologized, explaining that he did not want to talk.

A few days ago, the PBI investigation based on the case of Tamima’s ex-husband Rakib found the truth of the allegation against Nasir. The PBI has submitted the investigation report to the court. The court then directed Nasir-Tamima and Tamima’s mother Sumi Akhter to appear at the hearing on October 31. After that Nasir and Tamima are both locked in their mouths. However, when the allegations surfaced after the marriage on February 14, Nasir and Tamima denied the allegations at a press conference. Nasir did not face the journalists when he came to the fitness test to avoid the issues

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