More than 15 crore business with a budget of 50 lakh rupees

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The movie ‘Chandni’, which was released three decades ago, had a business of over Rs 15 crore at that time. However, the movie owners made it at a cost of Rs 50 lakh did not want to show it at the beginning. Naeem, one of the actors, shared this information in a conversation with Prothom Alo on Monday afternoon.

Chandni, directed by Ehtesham and starring Shabnaz and Naeem, was released on October 4, 1991. The mastery and shooting of this film made under the banner of Ajanta Kathachitra started on the 2nd floor of FDC. Naeem said the shooting of the entire film ended in Dhaka, Ansar Academy in Gazipur, and the Gagan Tila area in Sylhet. “There was no electricity where we were at the shooting spot in Sylhet,” he said. We spent the day burning hurricanes. I was in both rooms with the crew for about two weeks. Had to sleep on the floor in severe winters. And how many kinds of hardships that have to do, can not be explained.

Naeem got only Rs 10,000 as an honorarium for acting in the movie ‘Chandni’ and a flight ticket from Sylhet to Dhaka. Naeem has bought all the costumes for this movie with his own money. Naeem said the film, directed by Ehtesham, took more than a year and a half from planning to shooting and release in theaters

Naeem said they finished the work of the film with a lot of hard work and love. Not only that, before the release of the movie, Naeem himself had put up posters in the streets of Dhaka. But when the movie was released, he was very disappointed. At that time there were thousands of theaters all over the country but at that time the movie was released in only 20 theaters

Naeem said, “We both were newcomers to the film, so Chandni didn’t want to run a hall at that time. But the journalists wrote so much about us then that a general public interest was created. The owner of the only Balaka and Madhumita Hall in Dhaka gladly released our film. Housefull on the first show of the first day. The whole day passed like that. The next day the hall owners showed the picture to the people on benches and separate chairs, even sitting on the stairs. The following week the hall owners of the time were forced to run the film across the country. I have heard that the film has been running for five months in a row. ‘

Although Chandni’s bumper hit, Naeem and Shabnaz did not know how much money they earned commercially. Five years ago, the silver jubilee of the movie ‘Chandni’ was held at Gulshan in Dhaka. Islam, the then manager of Ajanta Kathachitra, was also invited there on that day. On that day, Naeem secretly wanted to know how much money Chandni earned. In reply, he said, “We have come to know the account of Rs 15 crore. Then he did more business, which I did not know.

Shabaz made his film debut in 1991 with Chandni. Then he passed SSC from Mirpur Shah Ali School. Although it took time to get Shabnaz as the heroine, Ehtesham had already finalized Naeem for the movie ‘Chandni’. Shabaz said, ‘I went to my father’s cousin’s funeral in old Dhaka. Mr. Ehtesham was a very good friend of Abbar’s uncle. Four months after the marriage, Mr. Ehtesham saw me in the video of that ceremony. Like He made the final decision to make her the heroine of the film. He told his father that he wanted to make me the heroine of “Chandni”. Since my father was involved in drama, he did not do it. ‘

Shabaz started working in the first movie of his life beyond the boundaries of school. The first film ‘Chandni’ made him a busy star of the film. In the first film, he got an honor of 50 thousand rupees. Due to his popularity, he increased his honor six times in the second film. Meanwhile, due to the popularity of the first film, the producers-directors booked the whole time of the next year.
Shabaz-Naeem were paired in 20 films. Some of this generation may have seen the films ‘Jid’, ‘Love’, ‘Chokhe Chokhe’, ‘Anutpat’, ‘Bisher Bashi’, ‘Sonia’, ‘Takar Ahankar’, ‘Sakshat’ and ‘Ghare Ghare War’. . These pictures were very popular in the nineties and later decades.

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