Akshar, the deaf and dumb bowler of Bangladesh in the discussion


Aksar Ahmed took 5 wickets in the first match of Bangladesh Second Division Cricket League.

He is deaf, unable to speak. He waited for the captain’s signal on the playground. News from the BBC.

According to his coach Sajibul Islam Karim, Aksar has a different side. Aksar Ahmed played for Baridhara Dazzlers in the second division league.

Peers can understand him. If you don’t understand anything, go to the coach.

Aksar always waits for the captain’s signal on the field. If there is a change in the fielding, he gestures to him in which position he should stand.

Aksar Ahmed went to the spot and started fielding. His hope is to go far, he wants to play for the country on the national team.

Going to play in the second division cricket league, this talented cricketer surprised everyone by getting 5 wickets in the first match.

Akshar Ahmed wants to go far as a cricketer. He is working hard in the field to take his career further.

He lost his father when he was only two years old. They are two brothers and one sister. Even his older brother can’t talk.

Akshar Ahmed’s coach said he deserves to play at the top level. Very few bowlers have the swing and movement in his bowling. His coach also said that he has a lot of edge in bowling.

So far, Aksar has taken more than two hundred wickets in 40-50 matches. In the first match, he surprised everyone with 5 wickets.

Everyone thinks that his speech impediment can be a problem in the game, but I’m saying – it’s not a problem.

His good understanding with teammates. He understands everything in the match, Paul understands what to do if he gives a signal.

I don’t think he has a problem with the game. His coach Sajibul Islam Karim expressed hope that he would do well if given a chance in the national team.

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