Sravanti’s dirty allegations against her husband Roshan!


The feud between Tollywood actress Sravanti Chatterjee and her husband Roshan Singh is at an extreme stage. Srabonti filed for divorce in Alipore court on September 18. However, her husband Roshan claimed that he did not get a notice of divorce after 12 days.

Foshan said, ‘I have contacts with many friends of Sravanti. From there I got the news that Sravanti said, I am fat. I am not active in intercourse due to being overweight. I have to hear such dirty allegations. Even if I don’t hear from Sravanti, those who have informed me are my faithful friends. ‘

Roshan wonders, why is he being indirectly harassed? He said, ‘I have also been accused of being a thief. Or I have left Sravanti with one crore rupees! My ex-girlfriend is being called and various things are being said about me. They have more political power. They can do whatever they want with me if they want. My family is also being dragged and disrespected. ‘

After Roshan’s question, ‘I have no contact with my ex-boyfriend. What does it mean to call her and talk about divorce? ‘

Roshan wants Sravanti to take any allegations against him to court. Thus, Roshan is not finding any meaning in complicating the situation by threatening or talking dirty from different angles.

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