Robbery at Messi’s hotel in Paris


The hotel rent alone is ৭ 16,000 per night. About 20 lakh rupees in Bangladeshi currency. But if Lionel Messi could have lived in peace without spending so much money!

Messi, who has been staying at a hotel in Paris since leaving Barcelona for PSG last August, was robbed last Wednesday night. Messi is in the part of the hotel, just above the floor! Although no casualties have been reported from Messi and his family; However, the robbers took away jewelry and valuables worth lakhs of rupees from a few other rooms.

The 34-year-old Argentine forward scored his first goal in a PSG jersey in the Champions League match against Manchester City on Tuesday. In the previous four matches, he scored a dazzling goal without getting a goal. But the comfort of the field is being matched by this discomfort outside the field.

Since moving to PSG, Messi has yet to find a home with his wife and three children. Rumor has it that he is about to move into a rented house. After the news of the robbery at the hotel, Messi may now take the process of renting a house further.

In Paris, Messi and his family are staying at the Lo Royal Manso Hotel. According to the English daily Sun, the robbers entered through the door of a balcony on the roof of the five-star hotel. Everyone’s face was covered with a mask. The robbers are believed to have descended from the roof of the building.

CCTV footage showed two masked men entering the hotel through an open door on the building’s six-story balcony. Messi and his family live on the fifth floor of the building!

Hotel security has been beefed up since Messi started staying at the hotel, but apparently, that didn’t work either. Because the robbers entered the hotel and took away the most expensive things. The robbers also took a 3,000 necklace, 2,000 and 500 earrings from a female guest who rented a room at the hotel.

The investment adviser in the profession called the woman ‘very worrying’. He claimed that the hotel authorities did not address his complaint before the police started investigating the incident.

‘It’s very disturbing when you see someone sneak into your room after paying a huge sum of money to stay in a luxurious and safe place. Police told us they saw two men with bags on the roof CCTV camera. But the identity of the robbers could not be ascertained, “the woman told the English daily The Sun.

A police spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Sun: An investigation is underway. The evidence we have is that an experienced band of robbers did the job. ‘

The Daily Mirror writes that such an incident at a hotel near the famous Lark de Thienf in Paris could upset Messi and his family.

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