Even after the separation, the friendship between Amir and Kiran is intact


The divorce was announced last July. Amir Khan and Kiran Rao spoke of keeping the friendship intact even after the marriage broke down. They are keeping their word as gospel.

Amir and Kiran went to lunch with their son Azad Rao Khan yesterday. They were spotted together outside a restaurant in Mumbai. Aamir was wearing a blue round-neck T-shirt. Kiran chose a checked blouse and matching black pants. Despite the separation, no difference was noticed in their behavior.

They were laughing and talking to each other in a very simple way.

Besides, even after the announcement of separation, they have completed the work of ‘Lal Singh Chadda’ together. Kiran flew to Ladakh with Amir for that. The two were also arrested with lenses. A few days ago, they arrived in Bandra again at the wedding of a close friend of the Amir. It is said that many people were surprised to see the two together.

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